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we got new cell phones!
they are awesome!
you are jealous!

sheena has a new number.
ask her what it is.


so my last post about letting things go…i just want to say that i was just venting and it really wasnt a big deal and im already over it.  a couple people have called me asking if im mad at them…no im not.  i love everyone! 

ok so the other day i brought an apple and yogurt for my lunch and im standing there cutting up my apple and i thought “im going to dip an apple wedge into my yogurt!”  now i’ve tried this before and there was nothing special about it…but this time it was soooo delicious!  i couldnt believe how good it was.  it was cherry vanilla yogurt so i dont know if it was just that flavor or what but man….AND this morning for my breakfast i brought graham crackers and strawberry applesauce.  i figured i might as well try…so i dipped the cracker in the applesauce and the outcome was scrumptious.  anyway i just thought i’d share because they are pretty healthy snacks that taste awesome.  does anyone else have any wonderful snacks that make them really excited because tell me so i can try them!

sheena p.


please stand by for a
public service announcement:

the break up is a hilarious movie.
if you like typical vince vaughn, and i know you do,
then you need to see it.
don’t be fooled…it is not a chick flick.
also, john michael higgins has possibly the funniest part
of the whole movie.

this has been a public service announcement from your friends
the pattons.


has anyone ever had a really hard time with letting certian things go?
i am having a very real struggle with this.  there is something that has really been bothering me lately.  actually, infuriating would be the best word.  part of me wants to yell and scream what im thinking.  but what good would that do?  it would probably just make things worse. but i keep thinking how good it would feel to get all this stuff off my chest.  i’m torn.

sheena p.

p.s.  casey and i got the billy blanks boot camp dvd set for a wedding gift and we decided to start the 4 week program last night.  so we put the basic boot camp dvd in and proceeded to do tae bo for an hour…and um…yeah…it was hard.  i am quite sore today.  i think we liked it for the most part though…it was kinda fun…for me at least.

p.p.s  when i first started my job i used to read at work all the time.  i mean book after book after book because i’d read for probably 5 out of the 8 hours at work so i’d finish them pretty fast.  it was really nice.  but then i stopped bringing books to work…for like 6 months.  WELL, i finally brought a book to work yesterday and finished it this morning and i realized how much i love reading and how much i’ve missed it!  the curious incident of the dog in the night-time is a wonderful book.  i recommend that you read it.  now someone tell me what book i should read next…

Today is our good friend Bobby’s birthday…

Happy Birthday, Bobby!
You are swell.


here are my bridal portraits if you havent seen those yet

and here are the wedding pictures…finally!

this is casey.
this is my first post on wordpress.
this is exciting.

just to keep everyone up-to-date:
yesterday i agreed to a 30 day trial at crosspointe church in duluth.
i’m doing a 30 day trial so i can go ahead and start working
while they wait for the pastor to get back in town so he can okay a new employee.
good times.
i’m excited.
it should be a fun job and i’ll hopefully learn a lot.
and, fingers crossed, it’ll quickly turn into something full-time.

thanks for your prayers.

maybe i’ll update again someday.
casey p.

today we were #65 on the top 100 blogs list!  OW!!

here’s a short and to the point update on whats going on in me and casey’s lifelast week

  • casey interviewed for a job at a church doing video editing
  • we were supposed to hear something this week
  • we found out yesterday that we wont hear anything till the end of july
  • but the job is still looking like a pretty good possibility
  • casey did get a freelance job creating a website for a paint and body shop…so thats good

please be praying that this job works out or that something else comes up…and that casey and i will continue to have patience, trust, faith, etc.

sheena p. out

we’ve been married one month!

plus there’s this…

sheena p.