so my last post about letting things go…i just want to say that i was just venting and it really wasnt a big deal and im already over it.  a couple people have called me asking if im mad at them…no im not.  i love everyone! 

ok so the other day i brought an apple and yogurt for my lunch and im standing there cutting up my apple and i thought “im going to dip an apple wedge into my yogurt!”  now i’ve tried this before and there was nothing special about it…but this time it was soooo delicious!  i couldnt believe how good it was.  it was cherry vanilla yogurt so i dont know if it was just that flavor or what but man….AND this morning for my breakfast i brought graham crackers and strawberry applesauce.  i figured i might as well try…so i dipped the cracker in the applesauce and the outcome was scrumptious.  anyway i just thought i’d share because they are pretty healthy snacks that taste awesome.  does anyone else have any wonderful snacks that make them really excited because tell me so i can try them!

sheena p.