conversation i had the other day on my cell:

me: hello

lady: who’s speaking?

me: um…Sheena

lady: Sheena who?

me: uh…Sheena Patton

lady: OK…well is Jordan there?

me: I think you have the wrong number

lady: what?

me:  you have the wrong number

lady: no, i don’t think so

me: ……

lady: what number is this

me: this is a new number…i just got it a couple weeks ago (then i told her the number)

lady: yeah that’s the right number…the only number i have for Jordan…that’s the number i was given

me: i’m sorry you have the wrong number…sorry.

lady: no, I’m sorry for you.  bye bye. *CLICK*

the conversation was longer than that but that’s all i could remember…it was really bazaar.  I kinda hope she calls again.

i am an official resident of Georgia and my last name is officially PATTON!  i know you are so excited.  this weekend was fun times…Reid and Ashley’s wedding was great…very pretty.  they had a Celtic band and the music was just beautiful.  plus Casey looked very handsome in his suit.  after the wedding we went to see Talladega Nights.  everyone we talked to that has seen this movie said it was stupid but Casey and i thought it was very funny. and we know what we’re talking about. then we went to a place called the garage and it was 21 and up and i had to show my ID for the first time!  more excitement!  

i had my review at work yesterday…my bosses said they were pleased with me and they didnt have any complaints…then they told me i was getting a raise! 

casey and i finally started setting up our apartment.  so far so good!  i cant wait to actually use all our wedding gifts!  thats all for now.

i love you all,
sheena p.