I am a fan of the X-men films.
I want to be Wolverine.
Except maybe not so angry…
And it’d be nice to add flying to my powers.

The first two X-men movies were amazing.
The first ten minutes or so of X-men II is
one of the best and most exciting openings to a movie.
I’m sorry, but the X-men are just cool.

Well, last night Sheena and I “ventured” down
to the dollar theater to catch X-men III.
I really think this film had the best plot of the whole trilogy…
A “cure” for mutants…I mean, come on…wow.
Unfortunately, this was easily the worst movie of the three.
Sadly, Brian Singer (the director of the first two films)
left the project to do Superman Returns…
Leaving the third installment to be directed by Brett Ratner,
the guy behind the Rush Hour movies.
Needless to say, he is no Brian Singer.
(Side note: Brian Singer directed my favorite movie of all time:
The Usual Suspects.)
Because of Singer’s absence, a lot was missing.
This movie was VERY cheesy.
There were lots of cliche’ lines, and lots of over-the-top
unnecissary action.
This is getting too long already…
so I’ll just say that, if you’re a fan of the series,
watch the movie…
but don’t expect it to be as good as the others.