weekend fun…
we went to target, b3, and dillard’s.
we got lots of kickin’ stuff.
our two biggest purchases were paintings.
they are large.
they are cool.
they are nice.

we went to the dollar theater to see nacho libre.
we were pleasantly surprised with this movie.
the story was actually pretty good,
and there were a lot of subtle funny parts.

while at the theater we saw a lady screaming at her child
because she had thrown away their popcorn bucket…
after the movie was over.
she called her mean names and used very harsh language.
it was all very loud in the crowded hallway of the theater.
the girl was probably ten or eleven.
we wondered if her mom treated her that way in public…
what her home life must be like.
sad. very, very sad.

speaking of the dollar theater.
we saw over the hedge last week, too.
it was pretty funny and had a some-what unique plot.
an enjoyable cartoon…complete with screaming kids…
which we didn’t mind because it was a cartoon.
the last time we had to deal with screaming kids was during
the exorcism of emily rose.
what? why would you bring little kids to that?
again…wondering what home life is like…

we spent the rest of the weekend cleaning up/setting up the apartment.
it’s looking really good.
hopefully we won’t be moving soon…
but even if we do, it’s nice to have things set up for the time being.

we also made homemade ice cream last night and it was delicious.

and mike bought me a mcgriddle yesterday morning…and i felt sick most of the rest of the day. those things are tasty and disgusting.

that is all.


p.s. i actually teared up a bit in nacho libre…those kids were so cute at the end plus i’m sensitive.



sheena p.