5:00 traffic.
Pouring rain.
Best Buy – no copies to be found.
Fry’s – 5 dollars more than Best Buy.
MovieStop – beauitful, beautiful Moviestop.

For 19.99 I purchased the third and final season of Arrested Development.

Man, do I love this show. Do WE love this show.
It is hilarious.
Alongside The Office, never has a show been better cast.
And as blasphemous as it may sound,
I would vote for A.D.’s cast over The Office’s…
and probably the show as a whole.
It’s just so quirky and ridiculous and funny.
I can’t even explain it…
If you haven’t gotten into it, start with the first season and work your way up.
You’ll thank me for it later.

We finished disc one last night…
Tonight…I’m sure disc two will keep us from getting much packing done…
yet again.


p.s. thanks to the fiedlers and browns for getting us hooked.