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I began to really get into movies in my early high school days. I started to buy movies, and have since owned a large collection of vhs tapes, sold them, and now have a pretty nice collection of dvds. I bring this up to say that although I consider myself quite a movie connoisseur, I’ve never really gone back. Back to the older stuff. Back to before I was born. Of course, I’ve seen Citzen Kane, Psycho and Star Wars (yes, this was a few years before my time). But there is a HUGE list of old movies that I’ve always wanted to see and just never have. And it’s hard. When one goes to Blockbuster, or is putting his queue together, one wants to see the latest and greatest, the one he or she remembered seeing the trailer for and thought it looked good, or at least something they’ve been hearing good things about. I hadn’t, until the last couple of years, seen such classics as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Taxi Driver, Dog Day Afternoon and even The Godfather. It’s very hard to put something from the 50’s in front of something from the 00’s. UNTIL NOW!

I had heard rumors, and have, since moving to Birmingham, found them to be true. The Homewood Library has a very nice movie collection. And they don’t have a whole lot of new stuff. Is this a bad thing? Not at all. I can now, for free, rent all the old movies I want, and not wish I were getting something new I’ve been wanting to see. The new movie just isn’t an option. And I love this.
I say all this to say that I have started catching up on movies any real movie buff should have already seen. So far, so good. I plan on watching a lot of old movies in the weeks and months to come and, for those who are interested, will let you know if I think the movie is really all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve rented a few so far, but will start you all off with three recent viewings. Because of this long introduction, the posts pertaining to this subject from here on out will not be nearly this long. I know you are grateful.

Without further ado…

The first “old” movie I rented from the library was Logan’s Run. I did this for a few reasons. The first being that it was referenced in an episode of the Family Guy, and I wanted to understand the reference better (just like the reference to Superman throwing his “S” at the bad guy in Superman II is way funnier if you’ve seen the movie). The second being that I had heard that a recent release, The Island, was pretty much just an updated version of this movie. I would definitely have to agree with that statement. There are some differences, but for the most part the story is very similar. I can’t say that Logan’s Run is a good movie. I can say that I enjoyed it…if only to laugh at the terrible effects and think about the social implications. I wouldn’t call it a waste of time, but I can say that I was definitely waiting for it to end. It seemed to just keep going. I found it odd that it had a PG rating, yet had some nudity. I guess the rating system back then was a little more relaxed. I guess I would say it’s worth viewing if you’re a huge sci-fi fan, or just like movies about how doomed we are in the distant future. If you must see a movie about a crappy future, I’d really rather recommend Equilibrium.

Movie #2: Cool Hand Luke.
I won’t say much about this one. I like the band Cool Hand Luke, so why shouldn’t I like the movie? Exactly. And I do. It was good. A little long and slow at parts, but good non-the-less. If you’re like me and you’ve heard the quote “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate,” but never knew what it was from…now you do. I think I’ve found a new actor to put towards the top of my list of favorites: Paul Newman.

Speaking of Paul Newman…
Yesterday I finished the latest of my old movies: The Sting. I would have to say that this one if my favorite so far; by far. It also stars a young Robert Redford. If for no other reason, see this movie to check out how much Brad Pitt looks like a young Robert Redford. It’s almost eerie. Every time he was off screen and then came back on, I couldn’t help but think, “dang, he looks just like Brad Pitt.” Weird. The movie is about con artists, and is up there with the best of them. Definitely a recommendation. And you’ll recognize the soundtrack and say, “oh…that’s where that song comes from.”

Sorry this was so long…but it had to start somewhere…

Next up: The Great Escape

If you have any movies made before 1980 that I must see…let me know.


i was going to write a really long, drawn-out post about our trip to americus this weekend, and bore you with stories of driving, large amounts of food and old people who i thought were older than possible when we left there 15 years ago.

i won’t.

all you need to know: i lived in americus from when i was 3 or 4 until half-way through my 6th grade year. we went back for the 175th anniversary of first baptist church, where my dad was minister of education and youth.

the main point was going to be this:
dang, americus has a whole lot of gnats.

it was nice to see so many familiar faces from my past.

next time, you all have to come to us…

gnats suck.

that’s right…I’m working two part time jobs.
one here –> Lucky Brand Jeans
one here –> Amy Head Studio
i’ve only been in for training once at each place but so far so good.
i think i will like them both a lot.

today i went into Lucky and worked three hours. i did stuff like fill out paper work, tour the store, try on jeans, and help rearrange the store. i have a lot to learn! they sent me home with 3 packets to study. i think once i get the hang of everything i’ll really like it. everyone there seems really cool which will make working there even more fun.

yesterday i went into Amy Head Studio and worked three hours also. first Amy did my makeup, then i did her makeup, then i put the makeup back. what a great first day! i think i’ll really like this job a lot…i mean…i get to do makeup all day…come on.

so those are my two new jobs; helping people look fashionable and pretty. sounds good to me.

Week One – Check.

I Heart Weekends.

“Animated sitcom The Simpsons will celebrate its 400th show with a concept episode. The season finale of season 18 will be a spoof on Fox’s 24 that will be called “24 Minutes.” Two 24 stars, Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub (who plays Chloe), will be guest voices on the episode …”



sheena p. here, its been a while since i’ve posted on here and i dont really have much to say. casey has been doing a good job at updating.  well its my first week as a “house wife” and its just ok…its kinda lonely and boring.  on monday i drove to tuscaloosa to go shopping for interview/work clothes…i spent 4 hours there! i couldnt believe it…but i got some good stuff so it was worth it.  other than that fun shopping day i’ve just been looking for jobs online and working on my resume and cover letter. i’ll be sending those out today hopefully.  and soon i’ll be going from business to business asking if they are hiring…i hate doing that…i hate looking for jobs but it must be done.  please be praying that i’ll find a job quickly and easily. and if any of you out there that already have jobs hear anything about openings and people looking to hire someone PLEASE let me know…i would really appreciate that.

anyway…whats going on this weekend? anyone doing anything fun? can we come?

Yesterday I came downstairs after my shower to a table set with breakfast.
Omelets, toast, juice and coffee.

“This is what you have to look forward to when you’re wife stays at home,”
says Sheena.

Day 2 – She’s still in bed.

Ah…the good ‘ole days (day)…


p.s. Anyone up for an Office party tonight?

p.p.s. The rest of my first day went well. Today I edit alone. I’m nervous.

It’s my first day at the new job.
So far, so good…

I’m on my lunch break. Duh.

Stay tuned.



“His daddy putted bullets in my daddy. My daddy had to potty in a bag.”

we are officially moved in.

as of today we have internet, hot water and new furniture.

come visit us…or send us mail…or whatever…

1621 Valley Ave. Apt. A
Birmingham, AL 35209