that’s right…I’m working two part time jobs.
one here –> Lucky Brand Jeans
one here –> Amy Head Studio
i’ve only been in for training once at each place but so far so good.
i think i will like them both a lot.

today i went into Lucky and worked three hours. i did stuff like fill out paper work, tour the store, try on jeans, and help rearrange the store. i have a lot to learn! they sent me home with 3 packets to study. i think once i get the hang of everything i’ll really like it. everyone there seems really cool which will make working there even more fun.

yesterday i went into Amy Head Studio and worked three hours also. first Amy did my makeup, then i did her makeup, then i put the makeup back. what a great first day! i think i’ll really like this job a lot…i mean…i get to do makeup all day…come on.

so those are my two new jobs; helping people look fashionable and pretty. sounds good to me.