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if anyone is interested, we are hanging out at our place tomorrow night.

no real plans…just maybe playing some games and talking and passing out candy.

maybe even a movie if the night so leads.

come at any time…leave at any time.

this isn’t a formal thing, just an open door hang out invitation.


mutemath is awesome.

zydeco sucks.

this was my third show at the zydeco here in birmingham.
and they seem to keep getting worse.
what’s the point of having a venue where you can’t see the band?
the stage it literally a foot off the ground.
it’s not like seeing a live show…
it’s more like listening to a live show and seeing the back of a lot of people’s heads.
i think i might boycott.
too bad they have some of the best shows there.
the show was very awesome, i just wish i could’ve actually seen more.
you get the point.

leaving on a high note…this video is really funny:


a few days ago a co-worker of mine showed me this site.

it is amazing.

if you like music, you’ll like this site.

it’s pretty much an open source archive for all (cool) public domain media.

or something like that.

the best part is the live audio.

it has concerts from all of your favorite bands,
and then like a million bands you’ve never heard of.

i’ve already downloaded shows by mike doughty, pinback, the films,
damien rice, death cab for cutie and ryan adams…to name a few.


and if you want to go straight to all the live musical goodness – CLICK ME!


damien rice has started an irish record label entitled “heffa.”

the first artist on his label is a guy named fionn regan.

not that it’s a surprise, but he’s really good.

for your listening/viewing pleasure…

here is the video for his song “put a penny in the slot.”


There is a new member of the Patton family.

As of now we are calling her Bella.

Do you have a better idea?

It doesn’t really matter what her name is,
because she’s really too cute for a name.

Chiggidy-check it!
The Pattons
(click to enlarge)

thanks abby and jon, for our early christmas present!


i just listened to the new damien rice cd.

it’s awesome.

you can stream it here.



  • we saw family force 5 last week and it was a fun show…we see mutemath next week and it will be the best show!
  • i love my jobs and the friends im making there!
  • i ripped a small phone book in half with my bare hands today at work!
  • i got into the university of alabama at birmingham and i’ll be counted as a resident for tuition purposes! and i get to use the rec center which means i’ll finally be able to swim again! so if all goes as planned i’ll be going back to school in january!
  • casey gets to come home early from work today!
  • we are eating sloppy joes for dinner!
  • we are also going to a birthday party for all our friends with october birthdays!
  • i got a cool jacket at target the other day and some other prizes!
  • i love bullets! and these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is all
peace out
sheena p.

Dear Mitch,

If you’re holding this letter, you already know. The house has been boarded up. The windows, the doors, everything. We’re at the Comfort Inn. Room 112.

I love you.

so you think you’re the ultimate arrested development fan, aye?

prove it!