last year sheena and i went to see mike doughty at the variety playhouse in atlanta.

the show was superb.

you should definitely check out mike’s newest cd, haughty melodic.
a couple of tracks can be found on his myspace.

that, however, is not the point of this post.

one of my favorite things is finding new, great music by accident.

two examples:

in college i went with some friends to see the vines.
okgo (then completely unknown) opened and totally rocked.
the vines might have been the worst band i’ve ever seen live,
but okgo was so amazing that the price of the ticket was well worth it.

a couple of years ago reid and i were at six flags and noticed that they were having some kind of Christian music day .
we walked over and just so happened to catch an unknown mutemath playing.
they completely blew us away.

these two bands are now easily in my top ten list of favorite bands to see live.

unfortunately, in my case, this is a rarity.

most opening acts i see are just that…opening acts.

this night, however, was different.
we were fortunate enough to see a band newly renamed slow runner (formerly michael flynn).

they were amazing.

so catchy.
so fun.
so talented.

i would definitely recommend their album, no disassemble.
it’s VERY addictive.

why do i bring this up now?
because today i decided to check out their myspace and found that they have a new video.

i would like to share it with you.

(parental advisory – explicit lyrics)