occationally, something good will come of being bored and searching the internet.
rarely…but it happens.

today i happend upon the website for chris walla and his recording studio.

if this were a typical recording studio website…it wouldn’t be too exciting.

lucky for you, it’s not a typical site.

for those of you who don’t know, chris is the lead guitar player for the band death cab for cutie.

when he’s not recording and producing some of the best bands out there (and playing with one of the best bands ever), he records his own stuff.

his solo stuff is really good.

you should check it out.

“how?” you ask.

this, my friends, is the reason for this entire post…

you can download a boat-load of his solo stuff FOR FREE on the site.

i just thought i’d share…in a very round-about way.

((hall of justice))