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this is really cool.

if you go to the site below, you can pick out a card (designed by a kid = hilarious) and a message and xerox will print it and send it to an american soldier currently serving in iraq.

i sent this one:

it’s free, it’s quick and it will surely make someone’s day.

(it seriously took me 15 seconds to do.)

whether you’re for or against the war, let’s let them know we’re behind them.


i’m working on revamping my websites.

i’m not totally sold on the new design yet, but it’s growing on me.

if you get a chance, check them out and let me know what you think.

some of the links aren’t active.

they will be soon.


what was i thinking?!?! this may be too late…but whatever.

“And there I was killing them softly with my song. Or rather being killed. And not so softly either.”


sheena and i just got new cell phone numbers.

instead of calling everyone in our phones, just email us if you’d like our new numbers.



or leave your email address in the comments section and we’ll send them to you.


this one is tough…

only because i’m one of the ten people who actually saw this movie.
and the other nine were friends of mine in junior high.

if you’ve seen the movie, this is an obvious quote.

reguardless…it’s awesome and i thought of it today and here is the quote:

“Let me tell you about stylin’. I’m talkin’, the perfect A-frame wave spittin’ salt water in your face. I call it ‘liquid draino, wanna be bullwinkle’, I tell you no lies, my friends. It’s the consciousness. ”



i’m glad it is friday.

last night we had a delicious dinner and watched an excellent episode of the office (and earl and 30 rock) at reid and ashley‘s. lori and two of ashley’s friends joined us. taco soup! yum!

the new decemberists album is amazing.
listen to it.

this weekend sheena and i will most likey go see the play screwtape. it is based on c.s. lewis’ book, the screwtape letters. sheena’s co-worker, mark, is in it. tickets are $10 and it’s at the playhouse across from the alabama theatre. let us know if you’d like to join us. options are tomorrow night at 8, or sunday afternoon at 2:30.

WATCH THIS! it’s pretty awesome.

and…yesterday sheena reminded me of this video, so i shall share it…
’cause it’s hilarious:


i can’t wait…




p.s.  i registered for classes at UAB yesterday!   i am taking 15 hours and the first day of classes is Jan. 4th…dun dun dun!  im taking a history class, cultural anthropology, an art class, american lit 1, and another english class called reading, writing, and reseach for literature…i cant wait for that one.  its one of my major classes so i have to take it eventually.  weeeee im excited. and nervous. that is all.

sheena p.

the new video/single from switchfoot:

the video gets a little boring, but the song is good.

the new cd comes out 12/26.



“What about the mini-van?”

“You leave it here.”

“But I like the mini-van!”

“I appreciate that. But as it’s a stolen mini-van, it’s probably best that you leave it here.”

p.s. i can’t wait for this:

hey look! i spiffied up the banner a bit. exciting.
those clouds are from a picture taken of the sky at our wedding.
just fyi.

i have nothing to say, i’m just really bored at work.
only one more hour…

i’m going to a junior high camp this weekend.
i hope it’s fun.
i’m playing bass in the band, and doing video stuff.
good times.

oh! have you seen any of these random domino’s commercials?
lemme show you my favorite:

that is all.