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 You’ll have to turn the sound down a bit…

Merry Christmas!


i found this quite humerous.


“Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?”

this is pretty funny:

so is this.


wanna see our place? and some other goofiness?

patton pictures

i took Bella to the vet today for her last series of shots and it went well.
the vet was very impressed with her. she said that Bella looked great and that she was the perfect size. she also said that Bella’s coat looked really nice and that she was a very tough puppy because she didnt even flinch when she got her shots. the vet even went as far as saying “whatever y’all are doing keep it up…this is the best beagle puppy visit i’ve ever had.” i was really proud…like a proud parent.
here she is looking so cute!


the photoblog has been updated
sheena p.

but it’s really funny.


“What does El Diablo mean?”
“It’s like Spanish for like a fighting chicken.”

comes out on dvd tomorrow!!!!


p.s. i updated the photo blog…again it’s in the links section as patton pictures.

sheena p.

look closely at the very end when he takes the keytar off…


wanna hear something cool?

go here: and listen to the last song in the list – “longing for another…”

that’s my song!!!! it’s that cool?

i played an open mic with this guy (ryan) in atlanta a while back.

it’s very cool/flattering to have someone else want to play one of yours songs.

if you haven’t heard the original version, go here:

have i said the word “cool” enough?


p.s. i HATE cold weather. it was 20 when i left the house this morning. it’s 34 now. miserable.