i started one…its linked under the links section on the right but here you go. http://pattonpictures.wordpress.com/
in no way do i think i am a good photographer or am i trying to become one.
i just want a place to post pictures so my friends and family can enjoy them. thank you. speaking of family…my mom, dad, and brother came all the way from texas to have thanksgiving with us. it was a fun time and im glad they came.

i cant believe its already december! time has gone by so fast…casey and i will have been married 6 months this month. awesome!

i am so pumped about getting to use the UAB rec center soon…i can not wait to start swimming again! im also excited about the 60 foot rock wall and the indoor track and everything else…weeeee. ok im off to watch last nights episodes of my name is earl and the office. peace out.

sheena p.