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It’s the most important news of the century!

Well, at least three decades!

My dad has shaved off his mustache!

This is crazy because I’ve NEVER IN MY LIFE seen him without it.

My mom says he’s had his mustache since 1977. 30 years!

Don’t tell me that’s not crazy.



Last weekend’s SNL was a rerun.
And a bad one at that…
But there was one good sketch,
and surprise, surprise, it featured one of them Lonely Island boys.

Ladies and Gentlemen, until NBC takes it down, I give you:
The Blizzard Man!

Man…Andy Samberg is hilarious.
He is no doubt the Will Ferrell of the new cast.
You better put him in the sketch if you want it to be funny at all…



p.s. a special treat! i found another blizzard man sketch!
it’s pretty much the same thing…but whatever.

“Your honor, I object!”
Because it’s devastating to my case!”
“Good call!”

For those of you who know them…

My bestest bud, David, and his wife, Tina, had their baby today.

I got a text message around 3:50 that said:

“She is here!!! 6lbs 14oz. And beautiful!”

Welcome to the world, Madelyn (sp?) Elizabeth [Casey] Thompson!


This is just plain awesome.

When the commercial first started, I kept saying to myself, “This flee market really reminds me of something else…” Then it hit me! “It’s just like a mini-mall!”

“Hey, hey. You heard me. Come shop.”


Travis is one of my favorite bands of all-time.
They are just plain awesome.
I had the privalege of seeing them live in Austin a few years ago,
and it was definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.
They haven’t released an album since 2003,
but yesterday I came across a new song…
which, hopefully, means a new album is soon to follow.
Here is the new song, karaoke-style:

If you haven’t ever heard Travis, I would recommend listening to
The Man Who, or watching More Than Us. Both are amazing.


p.s. patton pictures updated.

Of course, right after I sing praises about the new SNL, they go and air the worst episode I’ve seen in quite a long time. I’m sorry if you actually listened to me and watched Saturday night. What a waste of time…EXCEPT! For MacGruber.

haha…his friends are named K-ci and Jojo.
“All my life…I pray for someone like you…”


It’s been a couple of weeks…

For those who care (Reid and Ashley), I am sorry.

This one should be pretty easy:

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


From now until Feb. 17th, if you buy my cd at and use google checkout, google will give you ten bucks! That means you’ll get my cd for 2.98! It would really help me out and would really be cheap for you! So…if you don’t have it already, and you want it, now’s the time to get it! Thanks!


This is my friend Derek and I in a scene from Bottle Rocket.

bottle rocket

Derek drew it. Hooray for Derek.


p.s. here’s another one!

key ingredients