let me start out by saying BEST CHRISTMAS BREAK EVER!
at least it was for me (sheena).
Christmas with casey’s family was great. we had a nice dinner and a nice visit.
the 12 hour drive wasnt bad at all…and bella was a good little puppy.
while in texas we got to attend the big family christmas. it was fun and it was really good to see all my family! i didnt get many pictures but here’s one that i like of casey playing with my cousin noah.

Christmas with my family was fun too!
here are some pictures from christmas morning
trevor waiting to open presents

right before i took this one i said “ok everyone open your eyes!” oh mom…

this is my dad in his new ecko shirt because he likes that ” rhinoceros brand” oh dad…

sudoku is fun!

yay! tuesday night casey and i met some friends downtown and went to a couple bars. it was a really fun night and it was so great to see my friends!! you know whats next…
chelsea, rachel, me, brittnee

casey and rachel…i dont know.

casey and lukas haas. he was in a movie called brick…as well as lots of other things… like season 4 of 24!

me and brittnee dancing, john walking.

UMHB Crusaders vs. UAB Dragons

after all this fun we went to my favorite coffee shop to get a delicious drink called a black and white. its vanilla ice cream with espresso poured over it. soooo good! the rest of the week was spent shopping all the good after christmas sales and hanging out with more good friends…like bobby and kelsey.

our stay in texas was wonderful…it was great to be back in the city of austin and it was great to see my family and friends. the drive back wasnt too bad either…other than it being long and boring. it did feel good to get back to our house. we’ve seen 3 movies since we’ve been back: borat, the pursuit of happiness, and the prestige. borat was really funny and gross.
the pursuit of happiness was really sad mixed with really great.
the prestige was boring with a hint of goodness.
my movie reviews are not as good as caseys…and i dont care.
our great friends dave and sarah were in bham visiting family so we hung out with them a lot too. they want to move to birmingham next year…fingers crossed!! it would be awesome. here they are.

well thats about it as far as the holiday break goes…
in other news…i start school on friday! im kinda nervous. if you want to say a little prayer for me i wont mind. i’ll end this post with a sassy picture of our awesome dog, bella frances patton.

sheena p.