I’m sure most of you don’t watch SNL. I can understand that. It went downhill for years. Even so, I usually try to watch, if just for that one sketch that really makes me laugh. If you haven’t watched for a while, you don’t know that the cast right now is pretty freakin’ hilarious, and SNL is actually quite funny once again. A large part of the new success (in my opinion) is owed to the Dudes from The Lonely Island. Almost every episode now features an SNL Digital Short (I’m sure you saw the Chronicles of Narnia rap), which is pretty much a Lonely Island video aired on national television. Which is awesome. The Dudes are: Andy, who is now a part of the cast, and Jorma and Akiva, who are now writers for the show. I say all this to show you a video from this past Saturday that is really funny and really bad (poorly done/cheesy), which is why it’s really funny. Obviously. The original “Lazer Cats” video is no longer on youtube or I’d show you that one, too. It’s probably on nbc.com if you really want to see it.