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i actually didn’t plan on watching snl this weekend…
but we got back to the hotel while it was still on, so i fell asleep to it.

the small portion i saw of the show was not funny at all.
even the digital short was quite lacking, which is almost all i watch for anymore.

when i got home on sunday night
i decided to mess around on the internet for a bit,
and was pleased to find rainn wilson’s monologue on youtube.
this was definitely the best part of the show.

rainn plays dwight on the television show the office.
if you’re a fan of the office, you’ll love this.
if you’re not, it probably won’t be funny to you at all.



Since there has been absolutely no format to this blog at all,
this is really less of a format change and more of a format structuring.
Anywho…here is the proposed schedule (starting next week):

Mondays – MMQM
Tuesdays – YouTube Tuesdays
Wednesdays – Things I Love/Hate
Thursdays – Casey/Sheena Recommends
Fridays – Recent Viewings (Movie Reviews)

Like/dislike any of the categories?

Of course, anything goes everyday on top of the subject of the day…
Maybe Sheenapaints can be updated weekly, too? Leave a comment and tell Sheena how much you miss her paints and/or a comment on any other ideas you’d like to see us strive to fulfill once a week.


Also, go HERE and watch the videos. Pretty cool.

i am currently addicted to:

Dog Problems by The Format.

it = awesome.


it’s 60 degrees outside.

i love it.


go HERE and watch the video.
it’s long, but it’s good.
there really isn’t really anything to “watch”…
so just play it and do other things while you listen.
but do listen.

i’m not saying i’ve got my mind made up completely or anything…
but barack obama sure is different/impressive/(seemingly) real.
everything i’ve seen with this guy, i’ve liked…

lets hope he is who he says he is.

on a lighter note: a new simpsons trailer is out. word.


“You hear that ringing in your ears? That ‘eeeee’? That’s your ear cells dying. You’ll never be able to hear that frequency again. Enjoy it while you can.”

these are old, but funny…
so if you haven’t seen them, check ’em out..


ps i just wanted to type something really bad today but i dont have anything really good to say.  i got off work early.  im going to clean up the house a little and then i want to take bella for a walk.  that is all.
sheena p.

it’s 20 degrees outside.

i hate it.


i love that lost comes on at 9 ‘o clock.
i think all good shows should come on at that time.
it gives you plenty of time to get things done that you need to get done.
then you can sit down and relax and wind down for the night with a good show.

i hate that 24 and heroes come on at the exact same time.
how does rena sofer do it, anyway?
two shows at the exact same time!? amazing.
obviously, she has a super power we don’t yet know about.
i’m guessing she doesn’t really need a wheelchair.

i think they should move 24 to 9 ‘o clock on mondays,
and stick heroes at 9 ‘o clock on another night. preferably tuesday.
then we’d have four great nights in a row of excellent television.
24, heroes, lost, the office (and earl, duh).

is it the perfect plan?


and i think that’s what i like about it.