i love that lost comes on at 9 ‘o clock.
i think all good shows should come on at that time.
it gives you plenty of time to get things done that you need to get done.
then you can sit down and relax and wind down for the night with a good show.

i hate that 24 and heroes come on at the exact same time.
how does rena sofer do it, anyway?
two shows at the exact same time!? amazing.
obviously, she has a super power we don’t yet know about.
i’m guessing she doesn’t really need a wheelchair.

i think they should move 24 to 9 ‘o clock on mondays,
and stick heroes at 9 ‘o clock on another night. preferably tuesday.
then we’d have four great nights in a row of excellent television.
24, heroes, lost, the office (and earl, duh).

is it the perfect plan?


and i think that’s what i like about it.