i got this video from my friend alicia…its craaazy.


alicia has some good questions and so do i. we both really want them to be answered.

1. Which brain tell the arms to move?

2. Does each brain control the arm/leg on its side of the body? Or do they decide together who controls what? Like when they walk…do they have to think “your leg now my leg your leg now my leg?

3. Can each brain control both sides? What if they are sitting in class and the brain on the left side makes the right arm slap someone in the face and then the left head denies it and blames it on the right head?

4. How the heck were they typing on the keyboard?

5. Say one brain is more dominate…what if the lesser brain is more moral than the dominate one and the dominate one goes crazy and wants to start doing drugs, but the lesser one cant do anything because its, well, lesser.

6. If they get punched in the stomach, who feels more pain?

7. Which mouth eats? there cant be dual sets of organs inside that tiny body, so only one of those esophagi are connected to the stomach. or maybe they have two esophagi but still only one stomach…but since they have two brains do they have a double appetite or do they eat one meal and split it?

8. How awkward is it to go to the bathroom with someone else in there with you?

9. Can you imagine having another person fighting you for literal control over YOUR body?

10. Who decides who they get to date/marry? What if one head really likes a boy but the other one doesnt at all?

11. What if one of them decides they want to be a lesbian?

12. At work do they get two paychecks…because really its just one body doing the work…its not like they can get twice as mush work done?

13. Are two head better than one…really?


This is too crazy.

sheena p.