The Number 23

Wednesday night Sheena and I met up with our friends Matt and Carla to see this movie. I think the overall consensus was that it was a good flick. I probably liked it the least out of the bunch. I thought it was a cool idea. I also liked that you never really knew what was going to happen. I think they just took it a little too far. There would be a twist and you’d go “oh!” and then there’d be another twist and you’d go “oh!”…it finally got to where I was going “oh…” instead of “oh!” if that makes any sense. I did enjoy myself, though, and would recommend it. Most people, like my fellow viewers, will probably enjoy it more than I did.
7 out of 10.

Casino Royale

I watched the latest installment of the 007 dynasty a few nights ago while Sheena was studying. I thought it was great! Daniel Craig was excellent as the young Bond. I might go as far as to say he is my favorite Bond. I know, I know…but I’m not a HUGE Bond fan, so I can say stuff like that. I guess the only thing that bothered me about this film was that it didn’t fit in with the time-line of any other Bond film. The movie takes place when James first becomes promoted to double-0 status, but the movie is obviously based in present day (there was even mention of 9/11).  Also, who knew that James Bond’s first car as 007 was a Ford. Wow… All-in-all I thought the movie was quite awesome and enjoyed the whole thing. You should definitely check it out.
9 out of 10.