derek webb.

he’s got a new album coming out may 1st called “the ringing bell.”
you can listen to all of it here:
you can also pre-order the album and get:
the entire album digitally right after you pre-order (which means you could own the new album TODAY) and the physical cd with a signed copy of the graphic novel based on the album shipped to you on or before may 1st. that’s pretty dang sweet.

i’m about halfway through the album and, so far, i really like it.
the album is obviously a story (which is why there is a graphic novel based on it)…
and it is very reminiscent of “pedro the lion‘s achilles heel.”
it’s more electric and obscure than derek’s other albums,
but i think it’s a nice departure.
check it out and let me know what you think.

derek is playing in birmingham on the 19th, and tuscaloosa on the 22nd.
wanna go?