The Dead Girl

Tuesday night while Sheena was studying for a final, I went upstairs and watched The Dead Girl. I’d never heard of this movie. All I knew about it was the plot I’d read on IMDB. It sounded interesting enough. And it was. Although no mind-blowing, super twists or anything ever happen, I really enjoyed this film. The movie opens with a lady finding the body of a dead girl in a field. From there, we see the stories of 5 different people and how they are in some way related to this dead girl. I won’t give away anything…I’ll just say that the five acts are called The Stranger, The Sister, The Wife, The Mother and The Dead Girl. The movie at times is very hard to watch, and there are some pretty intense scenes. The language gets really bad at the end, too. Just a heads-up. If you can deal with that kind of stuff, I’d recommend it.
9 out of 10.


Wow…terrible. It wasn’t the plot. I think there might have been potential for a good movie. A major problem was with the writing. It was just bad. They said the “F” word in just about every single sentence. Literally. Actually, I think David Arquette’s character actually said it at least once in every sentence. Sometimes two or three times. The other main character only said it every other sentence, because you wouldn’t want to overdue it, right? As a matter of fact, I think the main problem with the whole movie was David Arquette. What a horrible actor. He really just took the bad writing and made it unbearable. It only took about 20 minutes of this movie for me to realize that it wasn’t going to ever get good. Of course, I stuck it out anyway. I regret that.
3 out of 10.

Mickey Blue Eyes

I watched this last night while Sheena was studying for her last two exams. She’ll be done with this semester today! This movie was fine. Nothing too special. I guess it was better than your typical romantic comedy since it involved the mob and whatnot. There were also a handful of really funny parts. All in all, just a mindless, fun movie with a little twist at the end. It’s worth a viewing.
7 out of 10.