is a show on VH1, and it is quite hilarious.

Essentially, there are 5 “shows” per episode. Shorts, if you will.
The whole point of the show is for people to vote for their favorite short
in hopes that it will return next week and the story will be continued.

So far the only short to be on every episode is called Mr. Sprinkles.
It’s creepy.

Most of the shorts are very funny, with a few duds thrown in.
I recommend: Homeless James Bond (1 & 2), Superhawk, Who’s Gonna Train Me? (1 & 2), Sound Effector, Medical Hospital, Yo Murder He Rapped and High Fiver to start.

Don’t have VH1? Don’t want to watch VH1?
Have other things going on Friday at 10 ‘o clock?
Don’t worry…I don’t ever actually watch it on tv…
All the shorts are on the website.

Oh, and Jack Black is a producer of the show.