Derek Webb is one of my favorite artists.
He is always doing something outside the box.
As most of you probably know, a few months ago he
gave away his Mockingbird album for free via online downloads.
To download the album, all you had to do was tell 5 friends about it.
According to Derek, it was a huge success.
Because of the success, Derek is starting a site called

Essentially, this site will allow artists to do what Derek did.
I’m not exactly sure how it works yet (it hasn’t actually launched),
from the standpoint of an artist…
They may choose who can use their service, or it may be open
to any artist who wants to try it out.
Either way, for the music lover, the usage will be the same.
From what I understand, you can go to the site and listen to music.
If you find an artist you like, all you have to do is tell 5 friends
about said artist (via email) and you’ll be able to download their
entire album for free.
Sound pretty awesome? Yeah, it does.
It’s a great way for artists to really get their music out to a
broader audience, and it’s a great way for music fans to
find new music and get it for free.

I’ll try and keep you up-to-date as to when the site gets kickin’.