1: What’s your name?
2: Uh, Joe… John… uh, Joe-John.
1: Your name’s Joe-John?
2: John-ston, Johnston. Joe.
1: You wanna tell me what happened here?
2: Uh, there was a fire, I dunno, I came by and it’s… checkin out the fire.
1: Well that lady uh, Mona? She said that you two were in the building together when the fire started.
2: Yeah, she’s a liar, cuz I dunno her so whatever, whatever she says is a lie, so…
1: K, so you’re saying you weren’t in the building with that woman?
2: No, not I! Aright, she started it, aright? Because she was like “I hate my job, I’m gonna burn this mother down!” And I said “You better not… you better not!”
1: She said it was an electrical fire.
2: It was. It was a total electrical fire, it was like uh, the switches had sparks comin out, and the sockets, and uh it was like the 4th of July, man!
1: Why aren’t you wearing your pants, Joe?
2: I tripped, and uh then I had to take ’em off to run faster out of the flames…
I think I inhaled some smoke, will you excuse me one second, I’ll be right back.

1:We got a sprinter. Five foot five, no pants, unkempt… portly.