With inspiration from Eric (although he sucks at actually doing it) and Sarah (who just started Friday, but so far is ON FIRE!), Sheena and I have decided to try and do the whole “take/post a picture everyday” thing. Unfortunately, my good camera is a 35mm (I won’t be developing film everyday), and our good digital is technically Sheena’s (Christmas present). I say unfortunately here because Sheena likes to keep her camera with her, but doesn’t always think to take photographs. What does this mean? Mainly that this experiment will be a success or failure depending on Sheena. That’s a lot of pressure, so do me a favor and comment on the pictures when she posts them as motivation to keep it up. I do have an old Casio digital that I might try and salvage (maybe it just needs some new batteries). Either way, the home for our daily picture/pictures will be on our PattonPictures blog. Sheena should do the first update tonight. Fingers crossed.