I must say, this movie was way better than I expected it to be. Were there some cheesy parts? Of course. Is it the best movie I’ve seen this year? No way. Did I really enjoy myself while watching this movie? Yes. Sheena, Matt, Chris and I went to see this at the dollar theater Saturday afternoon, since our frisbee golf plans were rained out. As Chris so aptly put it, “That movie put me in a disturbing state…now I see why they called it Disturbia.” Hahaha. The first ten minutes or so are quite chilling, and unexpected. From there it becomes somewhat of a teen angst movie. And then the craziness. Although the middle of the movie was a bit high school, I wouldn’t say it took away anything. Pretty much everything that happened helped with the plot. There were a couple of unrealistic, “that doesn’t make sense” moments, but for the most part, the movie worked. Obviously, I’m recommending this one. I doubt it will be a purchase, unless Sheena needs it to quench her Shia LaBeouf crush, but it’s definitely worth watching.


I really liked this movie. I liked that it was kinda freaky and gory in parts (when the murders would happen), but for the most part it was slow and deliberate. Like you were trying to figure out the codes and solve the crimes with the characters in the movie. I did a little research on wikipedia before seeing this movie, so I pretty much knew how it would end, but that didn’t make the story any less interesting. There are so many questions that you want answered after seeing this movie, or even just reading about the case. I can’t imagine what the cops working on the case feel like if an outsider like me is this curious as to what all really happened. This is definitely a movie to see.