let’s talk about how today was the second day of school and i’m already over it.
i’m so overwhelmed. i bought books for all of my classes today.
18 books…for 4 classes.
see for yourself.

this is me thinking about reading all these books

i think it’s safe to say that i will be MIA for the next 4 months.
i’ll miss you.

i updated the patton picture blog…so check it out.

anyway, i went to fusion spa this morning and got a massage.
casey got me a gift certificate for christmas last year and i just now used it.
it was so fabulous. i love massages. for real.
man…it’s been a while since i’ve actually blogged.
lets see whats new…
i had 3 sessions with a personal trainer at the rec center and i enjoyed it.
i’ve been trying to work out a lot…because i want to be healthy.
i’m kinda sad though because i don’t know when i’ll have time to exercise now (see picture above)
tomorrow casey and i are going to a dance party.
time to get…

saturday we have a wedding. i love going to weddings…mostly for the food.

well…this is why i don’t blog…
maybe someone enjoyed it. let me know if you are that someone…and maybe i’ll blog more often…only for you though.

sheena p.