Spaced is a British television show that aired in 1999 (season 1) and 2001 (season 2). It was written by, and stars, Jessica Hynes and, more notably, Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame (both of which are must-sees). Simon’s co-star in the aforementioned movies, Nick Frost, is also a part of the cast. It’s mainly a comedy of very quirky characters, as the actual plot isn’t really that important to the story that takes place in each episode.

Jason introduced me to the show, and although I’m not nearly as big of a fan as he is (he says it’s better than Arrested Development. Blasphemy!), it is a quite interesting and entertaining show.

I have two episodes left to finish the first season, and I must say that the episodes keep getting better and better. The episode I watched last night was pretty hilarious. Hopefully this trend will continue.

You can download all the episodes from both seasons here, for free.
So why not check it out?