I just realized yesterday afternoon that I was posting all week as if it were the day before. Oh well. No recommendation this week, I guess. You’ll live.


This movie is just plain weird. It’s simply about a failing political journalist who is forced to interview a movie star who’s one of those “it” girls with the media. Pretty much the whole movie takes place in the movie star’s apartment. I think the whole idea of the movie was a good one, but the execution just wasn’t up to par. It was quite confusing because there were no consistencies in the way the two characters treated each other, or even the way they acted around each other. I have to say that I got a bit frustrated at times because I just didn’t understand why they were friendly one minute and yelling at each other the next, with no real motivation. The ending was pretty clever and was definitely the most interesting part of the movie. Aside from being one of the two main (pretty much only) characters, Steve Buscemi (whom I love) wrote and directed this movie, too. I think it’s safe to say that he should just stick to acting for other people. I’m content with being the person to tell you to just skip this one altogether.

The Departed

I just now got around to seeing this. I really enjoyed it. There were quite a few places where I was a bit distracted by bad sequencing/editing, but I tried to stay focused. I thought the story was really cool, and the acting, for the most part, was excellent. Just in case you don’t know, the main plot is that there are two moles, one working for the police from inside the mafia, and one working for the mafia from inside the police department. Both are given the job of finding the other. Pretty intense, right? Exactly right. The language, of course, is quite rough, but if you haven’t seen this, I’d recommend giving it a try.

Infernal Affairs

After watching The Departed, I was interested in checking out the film it was based on. Infernal Affairs was made in Hong Kong, and runs about half the time as The Departed. To say it was a bit confusing would be an understatement. Obviously, the plot was really good (pretty much the exact same as The Departed), but had I not seen The Departed first, I would have been completely lost. The first hour of The Departed is pretty much dedicated to meeting characters and explaining all of the back story. This only lasts for about 15 minutes in Infernal Affairs. So, on top of having to read the dialog, the story was just way too fast paced. I would stick with The Departed unless you’re just plain hardcore.