ok not really. but tree branches are!

the other day i was sitting at the computer and all of a sudden i hear the loudest cracking sound ever.
its so weird how fast your brain can work. right when i heard the sound i screamed, “what was that?!” even though when i was screaming i knew what the sound was because i was already in the process of running to the other side of the room. it was the sound of a tree branch breaking off of a tree and i was running across the room because we have a rather large tree in our “backyard” right outside the window that i was sitting next to. i was expecting a huge tree to come crashing through the roof on top of me. well that didnt happen but it still really scared me. i was shaking so bad. i wish you could have heard the sound. it was so loud and scary. anyway, it was a tree in our “side yard” and the branch did fall on the houses next to us but fortunately it didnt do much damage.
here are some pictures

sometimes you cant tell how big things are with out a reference. so here are pictures with people and cars.

i dont know what kind of pose that is…but its awesome.

i do know what im doing here. there were bees all over the place and im very afraid of the bees.

anyway that is all i have to say about that.

in other news im hating school. particularly the paper writing part of school. i have so much reading which is ok because i enjoy reading. but not writing. whatever. it will be over soon enough.

my abs are sore. my legs are sore. my arms are sore. i love it.

i also love my husband, my family, my friends, my lady prince, and my job. and i love love.
i decided i love love so much im going to get a tattoo of a heart. so take that.
maybe my tattoo will look something like this. (just one heart though…not three)

i also love brown sugar…man its good.

ok i’ve procrastinated long enough. back to the books.
sheena p.

p.s. i just found some awesome pictures. enjoy.
here is a picture of my family

the man and wife in front left corner are my great great granddad and grandma.
the little boy is my great granddad and the little baby, my great aunt.
im not sure about all the other people…just more great greats im assuming.

this is my great granddad with his sister.
he was 3 in this picture. i love this picture.

here’s my great granddad with his wife, elizabeth.
the older little boy is my granddad and the younger little boy is my uncle bill. i never met bill but im told he was a lot of fun.

and here is my great granddad at 97 years old.
this picture was taken this past july.
i like his hat.
he looks kinda mean here but i promise he is the sweetest man i have ever met. for real.