today at the library i was talking to casey on gmail and i was telling him i was tired (because i stayed up till 3am).
then i said something like “i need a red bull or something…i need a jolt…i need a jolt so i can do gaming for 8 hours.”
for some reason i thought this was really funny and i really wanted to “LOL” but i felt weird because i was in the library and there were people all around. so instead of laughing out loud i was making weird sounds in an attempt not to laugh out loud.
i think i probably should have just laughed…i think what i was doing was more obvious and awkward. then i thought that was really funny…so that time i just laughed…but i still felt weird.

i think cultural relativism is important. and so are savings accounts.

and now back to the books.

sheena p.

p.s. amy head studio (my place of work) got voted best makeup counter in birmingham! score!
usually some makeup counter at saks wins every year. yesterday someone from saks called us.
she was like “um…what makeup line do yall carry?” hahaha…they were sad.
anyway thanks to everyone that voted.
i am working this saturday…from 10-3. so ladies come get your makeup done at the best place in birmingham!!