Crazy Love

Crazy is an understatement. This is a documentary about a guy who liked a girl. They started dating. He was married. She found out. She broke up with him. She got engaged to someone else. He didn’t like that. He hired thugs to throw acid in her face. She went blind. He went to jail. He got out of jail. They got married. Yeah. And that’s the simple version. This is a very interesting documentary, and if you like documentaries, and crazy stories, you’ll like this one.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

I’ve recently decided I’m not really a Kevin Smith fan. I tried to be. I wanted to be. But it just didn’t work. Of course, Mallrats is the exception to the rule, because that movie is just plain hilarious. Well, I’d say Jay and Silent Bob is a bit of an exception itself. I’d seen this before and remembered liking it. After rewatching it this week, I’ll stick with that feeling. It’s not amazing. And most likely if you haven’t seen some or most of Kevin Smith’s films, you won’t think it’s funny at all. That being said, for the most part, this is a pretty good film. Of course, it’s a little over the top with it’s language, and, well… everything, but it’s a pretty good time. I don’t know that it’s one I’d recommend to many people, but if you like or somewhat like Kevin Smith, you’d probably like it.


Awesome. I am going to get the soundtrack to this movie, and listen to it nonstop for weeks. It’s almost like a really good, really long music video. But with plenty of dialog and story. The ONLY thing I can complain at all about is their accents. They have really thick Irish accents, so they are quite hard to understand at times. Until they sing. Man… the movie is worth watching just for the music. So, so good. I recommend this to everyone. Especially music lovers.