First things first. Last night I went to see Fionn Regan at Workplay with Amanda, Ginny and J.T.. It was a good time. I promised them a shout out on the blog (they are jealous of my skills).

On with the bloggings…

Bottle Rocket

This movie is amazing. You don’t even know.

This is Wes Anderson‘s first film.

It is also my favorite of his.

It stars both Luke and Owen Wilson,
and even their lesser-known, older brother, Andrew (not shown in clip).

I am putting the trailer up this time instead of a clip for two reasons:

1. It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite scene.
(The trailer showcases pieces from a lot of great scenes.)

2. There is only one scene on youtube. (The main reason. Duh.)

“On the run from Johnny Law. Ain’t no trip to Cleveland.”