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A record crowd of 3,000 people came out to not see the ninjas.

“We were right where the ninjas probably were.”

Thanks, Eric. (Watch the video on his site, too. Hilarious.)


So remember, when you put down one mother,
you’re putting down mothers all over the world.


That rug really tied the room together.


Balls of Fury

I’m not going to say that this is a good movie, or even that you should see it… I will say that it was quite a bit funnier than I expected. For the most part it was exactly what I knew it would be, but every once in a while there would be a laugh-out-loud moment that made it worth the dollar I paid to see it. I think Sheena put it best when she said that they wrote a movie for Jack Black, and when he turned it down, they found someone who could try and act like Jack Black acting like the main character. Not terrible, but not really worth spending time on.


This movie wasn’t necessarily bad, but it wasn’t particularly good. It was just pretty typical. Lots of shooting and chopping and fast cars. The ending twist was kind of cool, but for the most part it was exactly what you would imagine. I’d say this is worth renting if you just want some completely mindless action, but if you’re wanting a really good movie experience, I’d steer clear.

Lucky Number Slevin

For a good bit of this movie, I had no idea what was going on. I was hoping it was going somewhere, but it was just weird enough that I thought it might be possible that it wasn’t. Luckily, it did. And it turned out to be a really good movie. If you can stick with it for a little while, the payoff is worth it. I really couldn’t compare it to any other movie, and I like that. If you get a chance, and you like a bit of confusion, definitely check this one out.


I’m not sure what I’m recommending…
But this is funny.

“Tammy likey. Tammy want wing-ey.”


there is a new sheenapaints up! woohoo!

Most of you probably don’t know this, but for a while when I lived in Texas I was a substitute teacher. I’ve been going through all my old blogs lately, and found this particular one rather humorous.

2003-11-11 – 3:43 p.m.

Subbing was actually really fun today. I subbed for 4th grade again. Different class. Different school. They were really well behaved. It was kind of a catch up day….so they mainly just read all day and took tests on what they read….and the bad kids wrote sentences. Pretty easy, aye? Three things happened worth mentioning.

One…this black kid raised his hand and said, “Can I tell the class what I changed my last name to?” And I was like, “Um…I guess.” and he said, “Kick Butt!” Trevon Kick Butt. Quite funny.

Two…this kid in the back raised his hand and said, “Do angels know karate?” I said, “I’m honestly not sure.” So he said, “Well….will you tell me when you get there?” and I said…”If I can figure out a way to get that message to you, I’ll be sure and do it.”

Three…there was a guy named Victor. Victor was not a small kid. Not at all. Victor was a very large kid. Victor liked to think that he could break dance. He couldn’t. He tried anyway. He’d walk in the middle of the room and throw his feet out and hit the ground as if to do the spin move, but he’d just kind of land and bounce. All day I called him Break dancin’ Victor…and whenever I’d say it, he’d try his spin move. I’d just laugh. It was funny. Fat kids are funny. Chris Farley was funny. He was once a fat kid.

Just thought that was worth sharing. It’s a funny memory.


may the special effects blow you away:

“hold on for one second, super-scary-ninja-robot-who-comes-into-a-room-with-a-blast-of-smoke, i’ve got to take this call… on my sweet garfield phone!”

yeah, you know you liked it.


1: And remember, fair maiden, should you need us…
2: Yes, should you need us, for any reason at all…
3: I need you, _____.
2: You do?
3: I don’t know why, but every now and again in my life – for no reason at all – I need you. All of you.
2: You do? Well… WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO?