If you don’t know who Jan Terri is, I have one question for you: What rock have you been hiding under? Jan is the biggest thing to hit the MTV since Flavor Flav. Ok, maybe her videos have never actually been played on TV, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. The production of these videos is a bit below average, but, come on, it’s the early 80’s… they were just learning. Oh… wait… these were filmed in the 90’s. Wow. I honestly don’t know which gems to post on here. I guess I’ll show the first one I ever saw, and then the one that is probably my favorite. Don’t just fall in love with the videos, the lyrics are amazing, too.

“…but you weren’t telling the truth. You were telling lies.”

“Clear enough to fill a swimming pool.”

I love the end of the verses where she runs out of lyrics
and just has a short music break instead of singing.