Question and answer time. Was this movie awesome? No. Was it super cheesy? Yes. Was the plot good? No. Was the writing good? No. Were the special effects awesome? Yes. Were the robots kick-a? Yes. Will I ever watch this movie again? No. Am I looking forward to a sequel? No. You be the judge.
Okay, I will.

Death Sentence

The trailer for this movie made it look awesome. I think the trailer was better than the actual movie. I guess I should’ve seen this coming, but this thing was pretty dang cheesy. The very beginning was really sad, and maybe a bit too long. Once he decided to get revenge, it just kind of got stupid. The look and feel were ok, but the plot was a bit over-the-top, and the dialog was pretty ridiculous. It wasn’t a total waste of time, as it was somewhat entertaining, but I wouldn’t see this when there are plenty of really good movies out there.