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sheena here…
casey had surgery today…nothing major…he just got his esophagus stretched out because its skinny and food gets stuck in it.

i dont know if casey watched any movies this week.
i do know that he has been watching this show called brotherhood none stop.
the show is about an irish american family.
one brother is a politician and the other brother is in the mob.
its pretty intense and really good.

(i have never seen an episode)

in other news i have so much school work to do in the next 2 weeks.
2 8-10 page research papers and 4 finals.
i hate school right now.  so bad.
but life will go on…

i gotta go to work.
i love you all.
sheena p.

free rice!
this site is addicting but that’s a good thing.
the hunger site!
thanks kelsey for sharing these two sites!

some more websites to check out.

blood:water mission
one dollar saves a life

add your name because why not?

nothing but nets
for every net donated bill gates will match.

samaritans purse
there are so many different ways to give on this site.
where else can you buy a village a brood of 24 chickens for $20?

does anyone else have any websites that offer ways to end extreme poverty and hunger?
i’d love to see them!

sheena p.

Apparently Michael Cera has a band.
They’re called The Long Goodbye.
And they’re actually pretty good.
He plays with two other guys…
one of which is Clark, his co-star on
Personally, I don’t find the show funny, but that’s not what this post is about.
Here’s a video of them covering El Scorcho,
which is one of my favorite Weezer songs.


Apparently everyone hated the video from yesterday.
That’s cool.
No hard feelings.

If you weren’t at the Dave Bazan show a couple of weeks ago, this is for you.
If you were, this is for you.

The lovely “people” at It’s Hard to Find a Friend (which is a great music blog) have posted the audio from a Bazan show at a place called the Grey Eagle. It’s somewhere in North Carolina. This isn’t your typical “someone in the audience was recording the show” recording. I’d go so far as to say that this recording probably sounds better than it did live at the show, standing at the stage. You see what I’m saying.

Anywho… download it! There are a handful of brand new songs (Curse Your Branches is my favorite), some old Pedro the Lion tunes, a Headphones tune and even a cover of Hallelujah. This is pretty much the exact show he played in Birmingham, so like I said, if you were there, this will be a good reminder of a great show, and if you weren’t… you can pretend you were.

This is way to long of a post just so you can know where to download a great Bazan show. I apologize.


p.s. THIS is a good show, too, but the sound quality doesn’t even begin to compare.


Who paid for this ad?

Oh… right.


I’d vote for him.


1: Well detective, there are matters at stake here that are a little bit above your pay grade. No offense.
2: Well, why don’t you just tell the mayor to raise my pay grade to the proper level, and problem solved.

American Gangster

I really enjoyed this film. Although quite long, I was never bored and always looking forward to what would happen next. It blows my mind that people live the way Frank Lucas lived. Blows my mind. This is a great one if the you can deal with all the killing and stuff.


I wasn’t a huge fan of Knocked Up, or The 40 Year Old Virgin. They were just too crass for me. Superbad is not much better, language-wise, but I think it just works a little better since they’re high school kids. There were quite a few parts that were definitely laugh-out-loud funny. Because of the language, I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone, but if you’ve seen the other ones, and you can get past it, this one is easily the best of the bunch.



I love Bill Murray

…and I love his sweet dance moves.



yeah… that’s totally me…