Apparently everyone hated the video from yesterday.
That’s cool.
No hard feelings.

If you weren’t at the Dave Bazan show a couple of weeks ago, this is for you.
If you were, this is for you.

The lovely “people” at It’s Hard to Find a Friend (which is a great music blog) have posted the audio from a Bazan show at a place called the Grey Eagle. It’s somewhere in North Carolina. This isn’t your typical “someone in the audience was recording the show” recording. I’d go so far as to say that this recording probably sounds better than it did live at the show, standing at the stage. You see what I’m saying.

Anywho… download it! There are a handful of brand new songs (Curse Your Branches is my favorite), some old Pedro the Lion tunes, a Headphones tune and even a cover of Hallelujah. This is pretty much the exact show he played in Birmingham, so like I said, if you were there, this will be a good reminder of a great show, and if you weren’t… you can pretend you were.

This is way to long of a post just so you can know where to download a great Bazan show. I apologize.


p.s. THIS is a good show, too, but the sound quality doesn’t even begin to compare.