literally. thursday was my last day of school. i had two finals to take. i only took one. during my second one i completely froze. i mean like i had no idea what to do…nothing was coming. it was like my brain was frozen or broken or something. i panicked…i started crying and shaking.  my teacher told me to leave because i was obviously not in any frame of mind to finish the test. i went and talked to her today and i am getting an “I” for the class. “I” means incomplete. basically my grade is on hold. i have six weeks to retake the final. i am so annoyed at myself. i have no idea what happened. i was so nervous about taking this final…so nervous that i couldn’t take it. anyway…i really wish that this didn’t happen and that i didnt have to worry about this over my break. but it did happen and i am just so glad that my teacher was kind enough to give me a second chance instead of failing me. she could have failed me…thats scary. she told me that i needed to talk to someone about my fear of failure/stress/anxiety. perhaps she’s right. so sometime in january i’ll retake the final and hopefully do well and pass the class.

thats my sad story.
at least i have a 3 week break that texas!!

sheena p.