I was very excited about this movie. I really wanted it to be my number one movie of the year (I’m working on my list). I’m not saying that it was a bad movie, but I have to admit I was a little let down. It just wasn’t what I was expecting, which is weird, because I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting. The first half of the movie was pretty cheesy/silly. As a matter of fact, I had pretty much seen all of it, or at least enough to know everything that was going to happen, on the fox searchlight youtube page. Once the movie gets past the hip/quirky section, the story starts to get a bit more serious and is actually really good. The acting by (pretty much) all of the cast was on spot, which is what I think makes this more than just a mediocre film.

I Am Legend

Story-wise, not too bad. Acting-wise, very good. Realistic-wise (visually), pretty crappy. All the CG just took away from what this movie could have been. All the animals were fake, quite obviously, and all the other “people” were completely ridiculous looking. If they would’ve just used real people, this movie would’ve had a much greater impact on me. It was still an interesting movie, for the most part, but not really as good as I thought it would be.