2007 was a great year for T.V. Well, other than Season 6 of 24…
There were a few shows that either started in 2007, or that I just found out about in 2007, that have become some of my favorites of all-time.

5. Ninja Warrior – I know this is somewhat of a lame choice, but when this show first started coming on G4, I would watch like 4 episodes in a row everyday after work. Some of you may not know this, but I’m a ninja, so it’s funny to watch people try and do things that I can easily do. Also, there is no killing on the show, so they aren’t REAL ninja warriors. That’s kind of silly. Sissies.

4. Spaced – Simon Pegg is awesome. Pretty much everything he does is awesome. He did this show. Therefore, it is awesome. Season 2 is definitely better than Season 1, but you have to start at the beginning.

3. Brotherhood – This show is just really dang good. A brother in politics, and brother who’s a gangster. They love each other, but they live totally different lives. They try and stay out of each other’s business, but sometimes one could really use the other’s help. And then there are all the other awesome characters. It doesn’t have many cliffhangers, like LOST, 24 (Seasons 1-5) or Dexter (see below), but it’s just a really good story with really solid characters.

2. Flight of the Conchords – I’d been a fan of these guys’ stand-up for quite a while. I was very excited when I found out they were getting their own show. The show is just what I expected, and more. Brilliant.

1. Dexter – One of the best shows ever. Ever. Lots of blood/killing and language. If you can live with that, you need to rent the first season now.

Any shows you’ve been watching that I should check out?