I’m not sure why I just happened upon this today, but apparently Jon Foreman is releasing a series of solo e.p.’s. And I like what I’m hearing. I haven’t been real gung-ho about any of the recent Switchfoot releases, but I’ve always thought Jon was an excellent song writer, and he has a great voice. You can check out a whole slew (all of them?) of tracks on his myspace page.

Also, Jon and Sean Watkins (guitar player from Nickel Creek) have been working on an album together. There is only one “song” posted on their myspace, and it’s just a short instrumental, so I’m not sure what to expect from these guys. There is a video, which I’ll share with you, but I’m not sure if this is what their album will sound like, or if this was just something random they were doing. Anywho… check it all out and see if you like what you hear.