well…here i am for my quarterly update.
(i need to be more active with this blog or casey might as well change it from the pattons to the casey patton)

its saturday and of course i am trying to work on a paper…surprise, surprise.
this day is extra boring because poor casey has to work.  they have lots of stuff to get done by tuesday.  but he got free dinner (bbq) last night and he’s getting free lunch (jason’s deli) today…so that makes it a little better.

anyway, not much is new with me.
i had a wonderful christmas break in austin.
i’m back in school taking a much lighter load, just 3 classes: advanced composition, business writing, and aerobics (which i looooove).
last weekend i was in texas to be in one of my very best friends wedding.  it was the funnest wedding ever.
i’ll post a link for the pictures once the photographer gets them up.  i’m sure there will be plenty of embarrassing dancing pictures.
last tuesday i retook that final that i had a panic attack in…i feel ok about it…hopefully i did well enough to pass the class because at this point thats all i want.
work is going wonderfully.  i got a few more hours during the week so im excited about that.
more hours = more $$…which is always good.  i love my job.  it really is the best.  i would work there forever if i could.
i got my hair cut short again.  you are probably thinking, “again? its always short…”  well, short for me…i tried to let it grow out and it got way too long (for me) so i had to cut it.  i love it.
speaking of love…i just fell in love with someone this morning.  i saw her on the early show.  her name is kate walsh.  she’s a british singer/songwriter.  i’ve been listening to her songs on her myspace all morning…so good.

its been like 8 hours since i typed the above…
tonight  i cooked dinner (turkey burgers, broccoli, and fries) for casey, reid, ashley, and deena.
then we went to starbucks and played a (loooong) game of phases 10.  it was fun times.
now we are about to watch a movie…as soon as we pick one to watch…
we picked gone baby gone.

peace out,
sheena p.