Gone Baby Gone

Recommended. To be quick, it’s the story about a little girl who gets kidnapped, and everyone trying to figure out what actually happened. It went from really good, to a bit over-the-top, back to really good. For a few minutes we (Sheena, Reid, Ashley and I) were worried it was going to end on a bad note, but we were all, I believe, pleasantly surprised. It’s a great story that keeps you guessing until the end. Definitely check it out.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Recommended. Although this movie is super long (160 minutes), I never got bored with it. It took me three nights to finish it, but, again, I was never bored. The whole story is very interesting, and, from what I’ve gathered, very true to how it all actually went down. After seeing the movie, the whole ordeal sparked a lot of interest in me, and I spent some time doing research online. I also tried to watch a special about it on the History Channel. I say “tried” because it was terribly done, and was super boring/bad. It did confirm a lot of what happens in the movie, though. The acting throughout was superb. I especially liked Paul Schneider as Dick Liddil. Definitely check this one out if you’ve got a long night(s) to spend on it.

I think Casey Affleck has become one of my favorite actors.
Plus, he has an awesome name.