There Will Be Blood

I’m very torn about this movie. On one hand, the acting is amazing, it is visually beautiful and it’s even pretty interesting. On the other hand, it’s very long, very slow and the end is pretty bad. I left this movie about the same way I left No Country for Old Men. Daniel Day-Lewis is his usual brilliant self. If each of the super-long scenes would’ve been shortened a bit, this movie could’ve been almost exactly the same, in about half the time. And the end… I’m not sure what it is with these Oscar nominated Best Picture movies. It seems like they come up with these great characters, figure out a story for them, film the movie, and then think, “Oh crap, we have to end this thing… eh, just make them do/say this. Done.” Yes, I know both movies I’m talking about were based on books, and the books most likely end that way, too. I’m just leaving the theater disappointed. Anyone seen it? Agree/disagree?
B (mainly for the acting)

Bee Movie

I’m not going to spend much time on this. It was clever at times, but mainly just pretty blah. It wasn’t necessarily a waste of time, but it’s not one of those classic cartoon movies that I’ll watch again and again. Actually, I’ll never watch it again. It’s worth your time if it’s free and you have nothing else to choose from. That’s about it.