This is my friend/ex-bandmate, Joe.

He has started a music blog.

The blog deals with indie bands around the southeast. Namely Nashville.

It’s full of useful information about bands you haven’t heard of yet, but should.

And sometimes he even gives you free mp3s! Bonus!

Joe is a super-talented musician currently playing with
a band called Stories That Live.

The new blog is an offshoot of his entertaining radio show
aptly named Indie Ghetto.

You can listen to this weeks show by clicking here.

Or you can listen live every Thursday from 2-4 by clicking here.

Joe is also part owner of a recording studio/producion company on
Nashville’s Music Row called LakeFever Productions.

This dude has got it going on.

I miss Joe. I haven’t seen him in many years.

We shall be making a trip to Nashville soon.