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Horton Hears A Who

This movie was good for the most part. The beginning was a little slow and not too funny, but about half-way through it picked up and ended up being quite enjoyable. The anime part of the movie was easily my favorite part. It was very funny. The little “animal” named Katie was hilarious, too. Go here to see a short clip of Katie being her super strange self. A good animated movie with a good message. Check it out.

Prince Caspian

I really enjoyed part two of the Narnia series. It was a bit long, and slow in parts, but all together it was a good time. I’m not a huge fan of the actor who played Prince Caspian, but then again none of the actors in these movies are very good. It’s the story and magic that sucks you in and makes it fun. If you saw and liked the first one, you’ll enjoy this one, too


From FailBlog, which I also recommend, thanks to Brian P.


And they are in the studio working on a new record.

And I am pumped.

A little taste:


Booyah. It’s the first for-real Flight of the Conchords music video.

And it’s pretty dang awesome.



Although not near as bad as Blades of Glory, still not very impressive. I used to think that anything Will Ferrell did was comic gold. I love Anchorman, Old School, Talladega Nights and even Elf, but lately he just keeps letting me down. Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely some laugh-out-loud moments, but making someone laugh really isn’t that hard to do. Especially if you’re Will Ferrell. Just say “Aw…pickleshoe” and you’ve got me, but making me continuously laugh, and having a decent plot worth keeping my interest, that’s what I’m looking for. I have high hopes for Ferrell’s next release, Step Brothers, with John C. Reilly. Lets hope the Talladega chemistry is still there (and how couldn’t it not be?).


Andy showed me this the other day.

And I think it’s pretty neat.

I haven’t done it,
and I don’t know that I ever will,
but it’s a cool idea.

From the site:
is a fun new website that operates simply: We will send you something, an item selected randomly among many things from our inventory, for $10 (free shipping) and you will find out what your something is when you receive it. What will yours be?

Someone do it and tell me what you get.



Maybe I’m behind the times, but one of my twitter pals just posted a link to this site, and it is quite hilarious.

Anyone seen this before?

Here’s a sneak peak if you don’t know what it is:


Check it out! Man Babies.


Kelsey showed me this guy a couple of weeks ago.

Although most if it is pretty annoying, I thought his “documentary” was hilarious.

There is a lot of talk on the internets about whether or not this dude is legit.

Personally, I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s just someone playing a character, but there is really no proof either way.

In a lot of his videos he just seems like a guy who’s a bit off, but I think there is too much obvious comedy in this one for it not to be completely fake.

Either way, this video is great (and long).


We wasted the good surprise on you!

Again, I didn’t watch any movies this week.

I know… what’s wrong with me?

But here’s a movie that I look forward to seeing:

I know they made a documentary about this a couple of years ago called Darkon.

I want to see that, too.