I’ve been a fan of Weezer since the blue album came out in 1994.
That’s a long time.
They’re one of the few bands I listened to in Jr. High that I still listen to today.

Their new album came out last week.
I have to admit, although I’ve liked every album they’ve put out, nothing ever compares to the blue album/Pinkerton days. No, the new album doesn’t trump those two, but I do think it beats the others. I think my only complaint is that there are too many slow songs. The rockin’ tracks are really fun and silly and, well, rockin’. I want more of that. They do a lot more with vocals and harmonies and changing stuff up on this album, which is nice. It’s still feels really raw and adolescent, though. In a good way.

If you like Weezer at all, you’ll like this album. It’s a keeper.

Official website.



p.s. if you haven’t seen the Pork and Beans video, it’s brilliant.
check it out HERE.

and here’s a special little treat: